Change Leadership: Managing Complexity for Total System Results

Preparing for the challenges and objectives associated with a changing work environment, students learn how to become successful business managers in the Change Leadership certificate program at Webster.

Managers in every industry experience complex business challenges. If you are a professional seeking advanced mastery in change leadership, Webster’s graduate certificate program in Change Leadership: Managing Complexity for Total System Results is for you.

Our certificate is designed to help you achieve business results and build sustainable change within your organization. This is the third and final change leadership certificate Webster offers, and the theories and competencies included are the most advanced in the field. It can only be taken after completing the other two graduate certificates in change leadership.

This program culminates in two capstone projects – change leadership and organization development – where you will demonstrate your ability to integrate the range of relevant models and competencies taught in all three certificates. This includes planning a project with at least one major organization development intervention, customizing that project based on the organization’s readiness for change and resources available, and evaluating the effectiveness of the project against organizational effectiveness and business outcomes.

Help enact change no matter where you go. Apply today for your certification in change leadership.