1-Year MBA

Want to fast track your career faster? Webster’s 1-Year MBA degree is designed for people like you, the ones setting the pace. It’s for those who don’t just want a degree, but an integrated education from a truly global university that understands the importance of communication in today’s increasingly interconnected business world.

Our 1-year program allows you to build a global network with individualized management coursework that encourages teamwork with other students from around the world. This international perspective is also supplemented with electives for those who either want to become well-rounded professionals or already have a specialty in mind.

Regardless of what you want out of your MBA, you can count on getting global exposure, small classes with personal attention and a real-world approach, all in just one year.

Webster’s 1-Year MBA program is only offered at select locations, so find out below if there’s one near you. If there is, you’re probably not the type of person we need to tell to apply now.

One Year MBA Free Webinar

Learn about the One Year MBA program schedule, courses, global connections, career development and more.

Monday, March 30 at 12:00 pm CDT
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