Cybersecurity Threat Detection Certificate

Today more than ever, protecting electronic data is a top priority for businesses. Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand, as global corporations work to safeguard their most valuable assets.

Stay at the forefront of this ever-changing field by gaining specialized skills through Webster University’s Cybersecurity Threat Detection Certificate.

Our certificate program focuses on the tools necessary to help corporate and governmental organizations improve the security of their “cyber content.” Courses provide an understanding of the foundation of current cybersecurity threats, the phraseology and terminology used in the sector, as well as the various roles, responsibilities and tools related to detection of cyber threats.

Graduates will learn how to implement security programs and engage governance boards and audit committees to monitor networks in one of the top cybersecurity certificate programs for graduate students.

Meet the demands of your face-paced, in-demand career with Webster University’s 18-hour Cybersecurity Threat Detection Certificate. Apply today.