International and Regional Security Certificate

Webster University’s graduate certificate in International and Regional Security provides you with fundamental skills to tackle security challenges at an international level.

The program will introduce you to scholarly work on the sources of conflict and violence in the international arena, as well as literature on the resolution and mitigation of such conflicts. You will learn to apply theories and concepts of both inter-and intrastate conflict to important contemporary cases, and analyze the effectiveness of potential policy responses.

Upon graduation, you will be able to identify and analyze the sources of international political conflicts as well as identify, design and employ policy solutions to resolve or mitigate real-world conflicts. Our coursework is designed to prepare you for further graduate study in the fields of international relations and international security, as well as related careers in the public and private sector.

Where available, this certificate may be earned while completing the MA in international relations, GMA in international relations, or as a stand-alone graduate certificate.

Apply today and propel your career into the international arena.