Teaching and Education Certificates

While not all teachers in the United States are required to have a master’s degree, educators across the country recognize the merit of this advanced credential – for the students, the faculty and the school as a whole.

A Teaching and Education certificate from Webster University will add value to your current education degree by providing the skills, knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the classroom and in the broader community. Webster’s program is ideal if you are looking to:

  • Specialize or advance in your career.
  • Extend your knowledge and meet professional development requirements.
  • Assume a leadership position within your school.
  • Become more competitive in the job market.

Our curriculum explores many hands-on experiences and technological tools to prepare you for the rapidly changing and increasingly global classroom of the 21st century. As a graduate, you’ll be highly competitive in the education job market, a quick-starter as a faculty member and able to provide leadership in the field.

Webster’s certificate program is flexible, so it is accessible to students from a wide range of disciplines and teachers of many ages and levels. Explore how you can add value to your position with a Teaching and Education certificate from Webster.