Teaching Globalization & History

Designed for social studies educators and other interested professionals, the certificate in Teaching Globalization & History is an advanced program that promotes scholarship in history and historiography as well as historical consciousness and civic competence within a globalized context.

This course aims to inspire students to the pursuit of lifelong learning through critical study, self-reflection and civic participation. Themes and topics of study include interdisciplinary issues from historical, modern and post modern perspectives; historical trends and developments at the local, national and global levels; and engagement in voice and action to address global problems such as poverty, educational disparities, prejudice and discrimination, social justice, structural violence, and environmental degradation.

Upon completion, you will leave the program as a global citizen-scholar educator, equipped to educate and inform your students in a historical context and inspire them to become involved in our modern-day democracy.

Apply today to deepen your understanding of history and how it shapes our world today.