Arts and Fine Arts Degrees

Some say art imitates life. We think it inspires it. With a master’s in the Arts from Webster, we’ll help you turn your talent and passion into a lifelong career.

Your creativity isn’t just an expression of you; it’s an expression of your future. That’s why our mission is to provide you with the tools and environment needed to maximize your potential. Our professors are experienced artists and musicians who are focused on helping you transform your goals and vision into a reality.

Webster University is located in a thriving local arts community with access to renowned theaters, concert halls and galleries. We’ll even help connect you to artists and performers that can help you grow creatively and professionally.

Because only a limited number of students are accepted and admitted to any given area, your instruction and coursework are highly individualized. This also makes our programs highly selective.

You’ve got the passion; now make a career out of it. Find the degree that fits your vision today.