Music (MA)

Music is more than a pleasant score or catchy tune. Through the study of theory and performance, we learn about society, the world and ourselves.

The Master of Arts in Music from Webster University enriches your experience of music, whether you’re practicing, listening, critiquing, or teaching it. Designed for students seeking a broader education in music, our MA in Music degree emphasizes academic studies, a contrast to our performance-related Master of Music degree. However, performance and artistic practice are core courses of study for many students.

While the program is designed to provide you with a wide knowledge of the fields within music, as you progress you may find an area in which you’d like to specialize. Your professors, graduate committee and the Director of Graduate Studies in Music will work with you to find the right area of emphasis and the elective courses that will meet your goals.

MA in Music graduates are qualified to teach applied music in the studio or classroom, perform with or conduct ensembles, compose music or pursue doctoral studies in musicology or theory.

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