Health Administration (MHA)

The health care industry is undergoing major and rapid change. Policies are shifting. Technologies are evolving. Demand is increasing. All of these factors are leading to more employment opportunities for highly trained managers in medical and health services. In fact, the U.S. Labor of Bureau Statistics reports that these positions are projected to grow 23 percent by 2022.

When you graduate from Webster University with a Master of Health Administration (MHA), you’ll have the specific administrative skills to help health care organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness. It’s an important role because in the end, you’ll help providers better serve their patients, employees and partners.

Through our ACBSP-accredited curriculum, you’ll come to understand the new health care laws, regulations and technology, as well as the ethical, legal and economic issues facing the health care industry. You’ll learn how to plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services in a variety of settings. You’ll feel confident in your ability to manage a practice, a department or an entire medical facility.

Dual Degree Option: MBA/MHA
Combining a Master of Health Administration (MHA) with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides a unique perspective into the business side of the health care industry. As the largest industry in the United States, it is more advantageous than ever to understand the ins and outs of this complex and constantly changing industry.

Webster University’s MBA/MHA dual degree option requires the completion of 57 credit hours consisting of the nine required core courses (27 credit hours) in the Master of Health Administration (MHA) program and the 10 required core courses (30 credit hours) in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Upon completion of the 57 credits, two separate diplomas are issued at the same time.

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