Human Services (MA)

The Master of Arts in Human Services degree at Webster University prepares students for careers improving human service delivery systems – which include education, health and social services – and enacting positive changes through leadership in the social services field.

Based on Webster’s core values of inclusivity, social justice and global perspective, the human services curriculum trains you how to assist and empower diverse individuals, groups, families and communities in need of assistance. Webster’s expert faculty provides a learning environment that fosters critical thinking and global perspectives, and they draw on personal field experience so that you have tools you need to help vulnerable populations.

Our program prepares you to become an analytical, ethical and knowledgeable professional who respects the dignity and diversity of the people they serve. The curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on the latest knowledge in related fields like sociology, psychology, counseling, non-profit management and public administration. We also focus on social justice to provide you with the tools you need to make changes within social structures that institute inequalities. Additionally, the field experience component gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice through real-world learning experiences.

Ultimately, the master’s degree in Human Services prepares graduates for careers in social services with governmental or non-profit agencies such as the Salvation Army, American Diabetes Association, St. Louis Area Agency on Aging, or the Missouri Department of Family Services. Students learn how to evaluate and improve the outcomes of social services agencies.

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