School Systems, Superintendency and Leadership (EdS)

For children to reach their greatest potential, they need engaged and supportive teachers. Engaged and supportive teachers need administrators with vision, courage and leadership skills to create productive school environments.

An Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in School Systems, Superintendency and Leadership from Webster University positions you to become an exemplary leader. Building on your background in teaching, curriculum development or school support services, this program gives you the knowledge and skills required to take on the broader role of an educational leader or administrator. Through our program’s coursework, research and internship experiences, you’ll learn how to make decisions that are best for every student—both from a group perspective and at the individual level.

Accredited by NCATE and DESE, our program won’t simply teach you how to follow the practices of those who came before you. It will help you become an innovator who finds solutions to diverse and complex challenges in our ever-changing education system.

Increase your influence on education and help lead more students to greatness. Apply today.