Management and Leadership (MA)

A leader is more than a buzzword. It’s more than a bullet point on your résumé. A leader is someone who inspires others and incites them to act. A great leader can drive not only a business, but an entire industry. With a master’s in Management and Leadership from Webster, you’ll be prepared for just that.

Management roles and responsibilities are constantly evolving. That’s why we developed our Management and Leadership program to help you become a highly effective and adaptable managerial candidate. Our program will equip you with the understanding of global business practices and motivational skills needed to not just manage people, but to rally them behind you. We’ll also help you amplify your abilities for developing solutions to complex problems and situations in the workplace through extensive team-based projects.

Whether on campus or online, we’ll help you improve your analytical, communication and leadership abilities while providing you with the experience needed to apply these skills to real world situations. After all, leadership isn’t taught; it’s earned.

Are you ready to take the lead? Apply today.