Media Literacy

Between working, conversing and just having fun, the average American consumes an average of 15.5 hours or 74 gigabytes of information each day.* The question is, how actively do you take in the messages you’re receiving? What are they really telling you? How do they depict the world around you? Are the messages true, harmful or driven by an agenda?

Webster University’s Master of Arts in Media Literacy enables you to critically examine the information you receive through mass communication channels, including film, television and social media. This understanding will help communicators interpret the information they receive and construct messages utilizing the different languages of media.

The media literacy master’s degree focuses on research strategies for the systematic analysis of content and provides opportunities for fieldwork experiences in different sectors, including education, community, professional and media arts. You’ll examine the cultural, political and economic context of media and its impact on individuals and society, and learn how to produce effective, responsible media messages.

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* Source: Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM)