Middle School Education (MAT)

Middle school is a turbulent time. It’s a time of uncertainty, emotional growing pains, and hard work. It’s also a time where kids meet some of their very best friends, create memories they’ll keep forever and begin to discover who they are. With a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis in Middle School Education from Webster University, you’ll be equipped to help early adolescent students succeed at this formative and important stage.

Our courses blend traditional and innovative approaches to teaching, providing you in-depth content knowledge and a critical understanding of the developmental needs at this unique age. You’ll also learn how to creatively utilize technology — the same technology your students use for entertainment and social interactions — to make a greater impact in the classroom.

Our program broadens your knowledge of subject matter in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, helping prepare you for the initial Missouri Teacher certification in Middle School Education (5-9). You’ll also gain a strong foundation in the theories of early adolescent advancement, best classroom practices, inquiry-based learning, differentiated instruction and culturally responsive teaching.

We know you want to have a fulfilling career while helping kids become their best selves. Keep advancing and apply today.