Secondary School Education (MAT)

High school is different than every other school experience—for teachers and for students. To be the kind of high school teacher who can relate to students at this turbulent and exciting age, and who can inspire academic success, you have to know more than the subject you teach. With our Master of Arts in Teaching degrees, you’ll gain a strong foundation in adolescent development, classroom best practices and engaging technology.

Accredited by NCATE and DESE, Webster University’s MAT in Secondary School Education is an in-depth study of your chosen discipline. You’ll create curriculum and assessments based on the best educational theories and practices, motivate students using the latest social and technological tools, collaborate with parents and peers to support student learning and be able to appreciate and respond to the diverse needs of students at different developmental stages.

High school is an unforgettable time. With a master’s degree from Webster, you’ll become a confident and compassionate teacher, and you’ll make a lasting impact on teens’ lives.

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