Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact (MA)

As humans, we communicate and learn across many modalities – including audio, visual, aural and more – each which carries meaning and significance based on your language and culture.

As part of this degree, you will learn to employ various forms of communication to promote new educational and entrepreneurship programs around the world. You will be able to:

  • Integrate visual media and interpersonal communication skills in the design and implementation of educational programs.
  • Apply an understanding of various languages and cultures in the design and implementation of educational programs.
  • Integrate the appropriate forms of technology into the design and delivery of educational programs.
  • Incorporate various forms of media communications within an international context to promote and deliver effective educational programs.

This degree is offered online and at the St. Louis home campus.

Explore the ways you can help break down boundaries and propel international growth. apply today.